Palestinian medical sources reported that an elderly Palestinian man was shot and seriously wounded by Israeli military gunfire on Monday evening as he was working on his land near the border fence in the northern Part of the Gaza Strip.

The sources identified the man as Jamil Abdul-Rahman Al Ghoul, 68. He was shot in his back and is currently in a serious condition.

The man was transferred to Kamal Adwan Hospital in Beit Lahia, and remains in a critical condition.

Political sources in Gaza described the attack as the first Israeli violation to the truce which started last Thursday.

Only minutes after the truce started, the Israeli navy fired four shells at the Gaza Shore. The Israeli navy said that the shells were “warning shots” after Palestinian fishermen entered “Israeli waters”.

Palestinian Prime Minister of the Gaza government, Ismail Haniyya, stated earlier on Monday that “it is still early to say that Israel is committed to the truce”, and added that “after ten days of truce, we can decide whether Israel is committed to it and we will inform our Egyptian brothers”.

He also said that the Palestinian factions are committed to the truce and are acting in the best interest of the Palestinian cause.

Haniyya stated that the Israeli siege over Gaza “aims at changing the core of our cause, as the political core of the struggle is Jerusalem, the refugees, and the detainees, but Israel only wants to talk about the siege and some humanitarian aid”.