Arab members of Israeli Knesset, Wasel Taha and Jamal Zahalka, slammed the statement of Israel’s Foreign Minister, Tzipi Livni, who said at the Tel Aviv University that the Arabs in Israel can stay in the country but should recognize it as the National Home of the Jewish people.

Taha said that Livni apparently lacks the needed knowledge of United Nations resolutions regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict, and added that she is trying to imitate the US presidents in his “speeches to the nation”.

“We are Palestinian Arabs, we are not part of the internal competition for leadership at the Kadima party”, Taha said, “We are not the wood for their power struggle”.

Taha also said that Livni must deal with the Arabs as a reality, as a minority that lives on its land, and added that the statements of Livni mean that anyone who does not accept Israel as a Jewish state should leave.

“Our current and future struggle is transforming Israel into a state for all of its citizens”, he added, “It should be adjacent to a sovereign independent Palestinian state”.

Moreover, member of Knesset, Jamal Zahalka, slammed the statements of Livni and said “We are the native people of this land”.

He added that the Jewish state is a synonym of the Zionist state, and said that no sane person can demand the Arabs to accept Zionism.

Zahalka further said that the Israeli settlers who immigrate to the country are treating the Arab natives as immigrants, and are placing conditions on them and on their existence in their homeland.