The Naba’ News Agency reported on Tuesday that an young Arab man from the Negev died on Wednesday evening at an Israeli hospital after three months of suffering since he was brutally assaulted by Israeli policemen in Ashkelon.

The man was identified as Sabri Atwa Al Jirjawi, 26, from Wadi Al Ni’am village in the Negev, in the southern Israel. He is a father to a little girl.

Al Jirjawi was attacked by two Israeli policemen in an area close to Ashkelon beach and was first moved to Barzilai hospital in Ashkelon then he was moved to Soroka hospital in Be’er Sheva due to the seriousness of his condition.

His brother, Ibrahim told the Naba’ news agency that  Sabri left home along with his friend Ismail Abu Moharib, 21, and both headed for a picnic at the beach. While both were attempting to sit down, two Israeli policemen approached them and started hitting them.

The policemen then arrested Ismail but continued to beat Sabri on his head using their flashlights in addition to kicking and punching him until he lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

He also suffered a heart attack but the policemen did not immediately call for help and the ambulance arrived twenty minutes later.  He was moved to Barzilai hospital but was moved later on to Soroka hospital due to the seriousness of his condition.

Ibrahim added that most of the injuries of his brother were concentrated in his head and chest which caused fractures to the skull, chin and ribs. Sabri also suffered from an injury to his tongue and brain especially since there was no oxygen reaching the brain for an extended period.

Ibrahim also said that the policemen intended to kill his brother especially since they did not hit him in his arms or legs and only concentrated on the chest and head. He also stated that the police did not provide the family with any report.

The father, Atwa, said that what the police did to his son is a “murder” adding that there is nothing that could justify their brutal attack against his son.

The police made some statements to the press and said that Sabri resisted orders to be searched, then later on claimed that Sabri and his friend attacked security personnel.

A police spokeswoman claimed that one of the policemen was attacked by Sabri and that the policeman was hospitalized. She added that the policemen used force after Sabri refused to be searched after they suspected that he had drugs.

Defense attorney Avi Azolay, said that what the policemen did is unjustifiable, and violates the law.

The family filed an official complaint and is still awaiting the results of a probe into the attack.