On  July 7  2008, at 9 a.m., an Israeli High Court hearing will be held to look into the expulsion of Palestinian infant Maria Aman who was severely injured during a targeted attack in Gaza. Her doctors are concerned her life may be endangered if she is forced to transfer to a hospital in Ramallah.In May 2006, infant Maria Aman was severely injured during a targeted attack in Gaza . Her mother, older brother, grandmother and aunt were killed in the attack.   Maria, now  seven   years old, is completely paralyzed, will have to be connected to an artificial respiration machine for the rest of her life, and is still hospitalized in the Alyn Pediatric and Adolescent Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem .   The Ministry of Defense is seeking to expel the infant to a rehabilitation institution in Ramallah.   According to the doctors who are treating Maria, a transfer to Ramallah will endanger her life.   Maria Aman, who has severe spinal injuries, and sustained severe damage to her respiratory tract, has to stay within a reasonable distance of a hospital that specializes in these areas. Her life depends on a special and expensive apparatus, a skilled staff that is available 24 hours a day, and ongoing maintenance of the artificial respiration machine. None of these are available in Ramallah or Gaza, or anywhere else in the Palestinian Autonomy.   Maria Aman’s legal representation, attorneys Adi Lustigman and Tamir Blank, are seeking through the High Court appeal to prevent her expulsion, to ensure her rehabilitation in the community with her father and five year old brother, and to attain permanent residency status for them in Israel.