The Israeli army opened heavy fire early on Sunday morning towards Palestinian farmers in areas, adjacent to the border electronic barbed wire fence with Israel in northern Gaza Strip.
The Israeli army fire today came following an Israeli decision to shoot at any moving object just 300 meters away from the border fence. The decision was delivered earlier to Egyptian mediators who brokered a ceasefire between Israel and Palestinians three weeks ago.

The local popular committee for encountering the Israeli aggression in the northern city of Beit Hanoun, considered the decision as a real threat to thousands of Palestinian farmers, who earn a living in the area.

Witnesses said on Sunday that dozens of local farmers fled the scene following the sporadic gunfire in the area, two weeks after they have got use of the ceasefire deal.

Saber aL-Z’aneen, coordinator of the Beith Hanoun committee, told media outlets that the Israeli army actions in this border city would threaten living conditions over there.

He called on all concerned parties worldwide to pressure the Israeli occupation government to refrain from attacking the farm lands and maintain a state of calm in the region.

Israeli military had taken that decision following firing of some homemade shells from Gaza onto nearby Israel amidst a ceasefire deal between the ruling Hamas party in Gaza and Israel.