Undercover forces of the Israeli army assassinated on Wednesday evening, Talal Sa’id Abed, 32, one of the leaders of Abu Ammar Brigades, one of the offshoots of Fateh movement, in Kufr  Dan Village, west of Jenin in the northern part of the West Bank.

The fighter was shot and abducted by the Special Forces and later, the Israeli Coordination Office informed the Palestinian Coordination Office that Abed died of his wounds at Rambam hospital in Haifa.  

A spokesperson of the Brigades and several eyewitnesses reported that the assassination was carried out during early evening hours when the forces infiltrated the village through its eastern entrance using a Palestinian licensed vehicle.

The undercover forces then ambushed Abed and intercepted his vehicle. The fighter noticed the forces and attempted to escape but members of the undercover unit fired several rounds of live ammunition at him.

After he was wounded, the forces abducted him and barred Palestinian ambulances and medics from reaching him.

Eyewitnesses reported that Abed remained on the ground bleeding heavily before the undercover forces placed him in their vehicle and sped away.

Resident Mohammad Borhan, who accompanied Abed, was kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination.

 The family stated that initially they received news that he was shot in his leg and was moved to Rambam hospital while he was in a stable condition.

The family accused the army of shooting him to death after he was initially wounded by their gunfire.

Also, the family added that soldiers repeatedly broke into their home and said that they will kill him.

Last year, soldiers shot and killed Mohammad, the brother of Abed, during an invasion to the village. Mohammad, who worked as a Palestinian policeman, was shot by a sharpshooter as he stood in front of his home.