Hamas’s top political leader, Khaled Mash’al, who is exiled by Israel in Damascus, believed on Sunday that the Yemeni initiative for conciliation among Palestinians can guarantee reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah.
Mash’al , who currently is visiting the Yemeni capital, maintained that his party is keen to realize such a conciliation on basis of the Yemeni proposal , drafted in March of this year.

He explained that his visit to San’a is meant to discuss with the Yemeni leadership all matters including the underway ceasefire in Gaza , the outstanding dialogue as well as the Yemeni President’s efforts for reconciliation.

From his part, Ali Abduallah Saleh, President of Yemen, expressed the hope that his country hosts a dialogue between Fatah and Hamas very soon in order to wrap this profile once and for all.

The President pointed out that San’a has presented a series of proposals to some other Arab countries including Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Saudi Arabia, reiterating his country’s support to the Palestinian people who seek an independent state with east Jerusalem as its capital.

Yemen joined this year Saudi Arabia and Egypt in efforts to reconcile the rival Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas. Both parties have been at loggerheads since Hamas took power after 2006’s parliamentary elections.

Division between the two factions has been deepened following Hamas’ takeover of the coastal territory amidst factional fighting with Fatah in June 2007.

Since then, Abbas has been demanding Hamas to renounce control over Gaza before any dialogue commences, yet Hamas insists that its presence their is legitimate.