Talab Al Sane’, an Arab member of Israeli Knesset, head of the United Arab Block, presented to the Knesset the issue of Sabri AL Jirjawi, an Arab resident of Wadi Al Ni’am village in the Negev and was killed by Israeli policemen. Al Sane’ stated that Al Jirjawi was killed by racist policemen motivated by their hatred for Arabs.

Addressing the Israeli Internal Security Minister, Avi Dichter, Al Sane’ said that the Or Committee which probed the death of 13 Arabs who were killed by Israeli policemen in October 2000 decided that the policemen treat the Arabs in Israel as enemies.

He added that the police force did not seriously discuss the report of the committee and did not implement its recommendations. He said that this issue is serious and causes deep concern.

He added that Israeli policemen and security personnel killed a total of 28 Arab youths but all cases were closed without punishing the killers.

Al Sane’ also stated that the Mahash investigation department should be immediately dissolved “as the investigators are policemen who are investigating their fellows”, he said, “We do not trust this department”.

He called on Dichter to create a neutral investigation unit in order to probe the death of Al Jirjawi, but Dichter told Al Sane’ that the case of the slain resident is now in the hands of Mahash, and suggested to wait until the probe is concluded.