The presidency of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) expressed deep concern over the deteriorating health condition of the Legislative Council head, Dr. Aziz Dweik, who is imprisoned by Israel along with dozens of legislators and officials.

In a press release, the PLC stated that Dr. Dweik underwent surgery at the Al Ramla Prison Hospital on Thursday, and is still in a bad health condition. His health started deteriorating three months ago.

He was kept at the prison hospital which lacks the basic tools and equipment for more than two months as the Israeli Authorities are refusing to allow him to be hospitalized at a specialized hospital.

The PLC stated that these acts violate the international law and the Fourth Geneva Conventions. Also, the PLC called on Amro Mousa, secretary-general of the Arab League,   and UN secretary-general, Ban Ki-moon, to intervene for the release of the elected head of the Palestinian Legislative Council, and all detained officials.

The PLC and Hamas movement held Israel responsible for the condition of Dweik.

Dr. Dweik was kidnapped by the Israeli forces two years ago, so far, no charges were filed against him and he remains imprisoned along with 43 illegally imprisoned legislators.