One of the Lawyers of the Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) reported on Wednesday that the detainees imprisoned at the Huwwara Israeli prison announced a hunger strike in protest to medical negligence practiced against them.

The detainees stated that detainee Ala’ Hannoun, from the Balata refugee camp in Nablus, was shot by 16 live rounds and the doctors had to replace some of his intestines with plastic ones. He has platinum implants in his right arm and his thigh, and he currently needs an urgent surgery as his wounds are infected and causing internal bleeding.

 The detainees added the Hannoun is suffering from chronic headache which is baring his from sleeping in addition to suffering from ongoing pain.

His health condition had sharply deteriorated as even the food provided to him is not suitable for his health condition.

The detainees voiced an appeal to several human rights groups to intervene in order to provide him with the needed medical treatment, and to expose the ongoing Israeli violations against the detainees.

Moreover, one of the lawyers of the PPS visited a number of detainees in Salem Israeli prison including three underage detainees. The detainees also complained of bad treatment and repeated assaults in addition to medical negligence.