The British Consulate in Israel reported on Thursday that a group of Israeli settlers attacked a delegation of British diplomats who were visiting the southern West Bank city of Hebron. No injuries were reported as the diplomats toured the city in an armored vehicle.

During the attack, one of the settlers kicked the vehicle of the diplomats and attempted to open one of its doors.

The British Consulate stated that the Israeli police only intervened after the attack and is probing the incident.

The tour of the diplomats was coordinated with a group called “Breaking the Silence”. The group is run by former Israeli soldiers who reveal unjustified attacks and abuse carried by the army and the settlers against the Palestinian residents.

The settlers believe that this group is siding by the Palestinians.

The Israeli government gave no immediate comment on the attack.

Hebron is inhibited by 180.000 Palestinians and nearly 650 settlers who are living in fortified settlements and outposts heavily guarded by the Israel army.  The city and its surrounding Palestinian areas are the scene of frequent attacks carried by the settlers against the Palestinian residents, their homes, live-stock and vehicles.

Hebron settlers also carried frequent attacks against members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) who are stationed in the city and witness ongoing settler attacks against the residents.