Ismail Haniyya, Prime Minister of the dissolved Hamas government in Gaza, stated Tuesday that Hamas believes the Egyptian document for Palestinian national unity is positive, especially since it is considered the framework for a unity deal. Haniyya added that he believes the Egyptian document is ready to be signed after it is finalized by Egypt.

He told Al Arabiyya TV that it is very likely that all internal divisions would end immediately after the deal is signed, so that the Palestinians can focus on bigger challenges especially amidst the ongoing Israeli violations in Jerusalem and the rest of the Palestinian territories.

Haniyya further stated that if everything goes as planned, elections date would be set, and added that the current situation cannot continue as the Palestinians are one nation that should be led by a united leadership.

Meanwhile, Hamas’ political bureau member, Izzat Al Rishiq, told Al Jazeera Live that the Egyptians proposed signing the unit deal on October 18, or on
October 19 and 20 with the participation of Arab Foreign Minister.

Al Rishiq added that the plan of U.S General, Dayton, for security in the West Bank was one of the causes on internal divisions, in addition to the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli security coordination in the occupied West Bank.