Thousands of Jordanians protested on Friday in the capital, Amman, and in Al Zarqa, against the ongoing Israeli violations against the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Palestinians in East Jerusalem.The protesters chanted slogans calling on the Jordanian government to cut its ties with Israel, and to expel the Israeli ambassador from the country.

They also called for voiding the peace deal between Israel and Jordan, which was signed in 1994.

Part of the deal states that Israel acknowledges Jordan’s right to look after Muslim and Christian Holy sites in East Jerusalem, but this part was never implemented.

The protests were held as fundamental settlers are escalating their attacks in Jerusalem and are attempting to break into the Al Aqsa mosque.

The army broke into the mosque twice over the past two weeks.

Also on Friday, King Abdullah II of Jordan stated in an interview with Israeli paper Haaretz that Israeli-Jordanian relations are likely to be severed as Arab and Islamic countries will not accept Israel’s violations.

He added the these violations are having direct negative impacts on the efforts to resume the peace process in the region.