Israeli pilot, Ex Prisoner of War, Uri Shahak, called on Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and his government to discredit the video in which the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, appeared to be in a good health.
The video was delivered to Israel and in return Israel released 19 female detainees.

Shahak, who was captured by Syria in the October 1973 war, claimed that nobody can know the real situation of Shalit, and added that the persons who shot that video could have manipulated it to show Shalit in a good condition.

He claimed that he underwent a sort of plastic surgery before that Syrian filmed him, and that they had him take a shower and shave his beard, and that the video did not reflect his health condition.

Shahak made his statements in front of the house of Netanyahu during a protest calling for thee release of Shalit.

He added that while in captivity in Syria, he spent his time hoping for the day of his release, and that he had a strong belief that Israel is acting for his release.