Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported on Sunday evening that two Palestinians were killed in tunnels located between Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, and Egypt. Palestinian medical sources reported that a young man was killed by electric shock in a tunnel located between the border between Gaza and Egypt.

He was identified as Ghassan Baraka, 25. The sources added that he was apparently electrocuted when wires got crosses.

Earlier on Sunday, a Palestinian resident died of suffocation when he got trapped in a Rafah tunnel.

It is worth mentioning that 16 Palestinians were wounded in tunnel accidents this past week.

Egyptian border guard policemen uncovered five tunnels along the Rafah border on Sunday.

Approximately 450 tunnels were uncovered by Egypt since the beginning of this year.

Hundreds of tunnels are believed to exist along the border with Egypt. Tunnels became the only sources of goods and supplies to 1.5 million Palestinians living under a deadly Israel siege imposed since the summer of 2007.

Hundreds of patients died due to the lack and in most cases absence of medical supplies and equipment.