As the Swedish Journalist, Donald Bostrom, arrived Sunday at the Ben Gurion Airport, several Israelis protested his visit to the country. Bostrom, who wrote an article accusing Israel of harvesting the organs of Palestinian youths killed by the army, is a guest of the Dimona Media Conference. His article caused tension between Israel and Sweden as Israel demanded Sweden to apologize for the article and withdraw it, but the Swedish government said Bostrom was not speaking on behalf of his country, and the government believes in the freedom of press and expression.

Silvan Shalom, Israeli Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, stated that he would boycott the conference if Bostrom attends it.

During his visit, the Swedish reporter would be provided with a bodyguard, Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported.

“They Plundered the Organs of Our Sons” was the title of the article that caused tension between Israel and Sweden.

His story, based on interviews with families of slain Palestinians, also cited the arrest of Rabbi in New York accused of organ trafficking.

After the article was published, Israel said it would prevent Bostrom, and other reporters who work for the Aftonbladet newspaper, for entering the country.