The Israeli military and political leaderships are preparing scenarios for a possible “Gaza War 2” that could last for one week with the heavy participation of artillery brigades that would be bombarding areas in Gaza, along with extensive aerial strikes, before invading them. A senior Israeli military officer said that “this is not a joke, this is war”, and added that the army is preparing and training to counter every possible scenario.

The latest report came after Israel accused Hamas, once again, of obtaining missiles that could target Israel artillery brigades.

The Israeli TV reported that “Operation Cast Lead 2” will largely depend on the advanced Israeli-made Marakava 4 Tank, in addition to artillery brigades, infantry and “advanced warfare technologies”.

Another army officer said that the army would be invading densely populated areas, and would use an advanced interception system to target short-range missiles believed to be in the possession of Hamas.

The missiles are reportedly similar to those used by the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party.

Israeli political analysts said that the new systems are very expensive as Israel would be firing expensive missile to intercept Palestinian homemade shells that cost the resistance only a couple of US Dollars.

Meanwhile, Israeli military analyst, Roni Daniel, said that Israel’s Iron Dome System would not be able to protect Israeli settlements, adjacent to Gaza, from smaller shells but would reduce the extent of damage.

Other analysts said that the Dome System could protect Israel for a barrage of missiles fired at the same time at Israel.

In Gaza, resistance groups said that Israel is preparing for another aggression on the Gaza Strip, and that the resistance is fully alert and ready for a renewed round of violence initiated by the Israeli army.

Abu Ahmad, spokesperson of the Al Quds Brigades the armed wing of the Islamic Jihad, said that Israel’s aggression and escalation is an attempt to drag the resistance into military confrontation.

1419 Palestinians were killed in the Operation Cast Led offensive carried out against the Gaza Strip one year ago; thousands were wounded. Most of the casualties were civilians, including children and infants.

The number of slain residents is now approximately 1600 as dozens of residents died of their wounds.