Israeli policemen, and members of the Special Forces, attacked on Friday at night Khalid Daoud Oleyyan, 40, and several members of his family, including his 60-year-old mother. Oleyyan, an employee at the Italian Consulate in Jerusalem and several members of his family were moved to a Jerusalem hospital. Oleyyan suffered bruises and concussions, especially in his back, while his brother, Samer, remains hospitalized after he was run over by a police vehicle. Two of his brother, Yasser and Yousef, were arrested and were released after interrogation.

The policemen also attacked Jamila Oleyyan, 60, the mother of Khalid, by kicking her and throwing her onto the ground. She lost consciousness and was moved to an Israeli hospital.

Khalid told the Maan News Agency, that the attack started when the policemen attacked his 14-year-old son while he was standing in front of his home.

When he rushed to rescue his son, who was still being attacked and detained, the Special Forces attacked him and other family members. The Police and Special Forces used batons in attacking the family and sprayed them with Gas.
Khalid stated that the policemen were very aggressive and violent, and that it took the Israeli ambulance more than 90 minutes to arrive.

He added that the family wanted to file a complaint against the policemen at the Moria Police station, but the officers refused to receive the application and asked him to file it to another department that specializes in complaints against policemen.

The Italian Consulate and the Italian Coordination Office in Jerusalem denounced the attack against their employee and demanded an investigation.