Palestinian Legislator, Husam Tawil, stated that the United Nations’ stance in accepting the 10 Million USD from Israel as a compensation for bombarding its facilities during the war is a scandal that saves Israel from being held responsible for its crimes against the Palestinian people.Tawil stated that the bilateral talks between Israel and the UN and this arranged compensation would grant Israel a chance to close the file of its crimes against the civilians in Gaza, and its attacks against the UN itself.

The legislator further stated that Israel repeatedly targeted international organizations and always managed to escape unpunished for its crimes.

This issue, Tawil added, gave Israel a free hand in attacking facilities that belong to international groups, and would encourage Israel to conduct further attacks especially “after managing to buy the silence of the UN”.

This could also lead to voiding the role of United Nations in any international court that would be looking into Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people in Gaza, he added.

The legislator further stated that Israel managed to strike the Goldstone report and ripped it of most of its important segments.

“It won’t be possible for the UN to be part of any legal action against Israel in any international court”, Tawil said, “This could weaken the case against Israel as the file of attacking UN facilities would be closed according to this new deal”.

He called on International Human Rights groups to intervene against this settlement which he described as “suspicious” and added that this deal voids the Palestinian civil rights.

“There are suspicions of corruption here”, he said, “focusing on financial compensation without holding Israel responsible for its action is a cheap deal that saves Israel from being prosecuted for its crimes”.

He added that if the United Nations, with its international and legal weight, was only seeking 10 million to defend its rights and the rights of the victims “then I call for a donations campaign by the besieged Palestinian people to collect 20 million to the UN to void its specious deal with Israel.