King Abdullah of Jordan stated Saturday, that the whole world would pay the price of failed peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and added that his country will not accept any role as an occupying power in Palestine.He stated that peace, supported by most Palestinians and Israelis, is the only solution to the conflict.

This peace, he added, is based on the two-state solution, and added that he will not accept any talks or even hints of a Jordanian role as a power controlling Palestine.

The King further stated that Jordan will always assist the Palestinians in achieving their own state on their land.

During his speech at the Economic Forum in Davos, King Abdullah said that his army will not be the new army the replaces the Israeli forces in Palestine, and that the Palestinians are demanding that they achieve their legitimate right of an independent state.

He further stated that the solution is two-states living, side by side in peace, and that if this is not possible, then the alternative is a one bi-national state for the Palestinians and the Israelis.

The Jordanian Monarch said that, for the first time, he is pessimistic as all efforts to achieve peace in the region failed, and that the suffering is still ongoing.

During the interview, conducted by Fareed Rafiq Zakaria of CNN, the king said that the situation in the Middle East will witness further deterioration should the conflict remain unresolved.

CNN intends to broadcast the full speech on Sunday.

King Abdullah further stated that the chances for peace will be very limited and warned that what is happening now is limiting the chances of establishing a Palestinian state.

As for Iran, King Abdullah said that his country rejects any military campaign to deal with the Iranian issue, and called for a diplomatic solution.

He added that every country has the right to obtain nuclear power for civil usage, such as generating power, and said that dealing with nuclear files should be very transparent.

King Abdullah said that UN nuclear inspectors should also deal with Israel’s nuclear agenda.

He returned to Jordan Friday evening, having visited Spain and Switzerland.