Palestinian sources reported that Israeli soldiers, on Wednesday at dawn, broke into the home of Palestinian Legislator of, Hatem Qafisha, in Wad al-Harya area, south of Hebron in the southern part of the West Bank.The soldiers searched the home and sabotaged its property before breaking into the homes of Sobhi, the brother of Hatem, who was recently released from a Palestinian prison.

Qafisha was ordered to head to the Kfar Etzion Israeli military camp for interrogation. The camp is located north of Hebron. He is a member of the Change and Reform parliamentary bloc of Hamas.

His brother was repeatedly arrested by the Palestinian Security Forces in recent months.

The Change and Reform Bloc issued a statement deploring the Israel attacks against the home of Qafisha, and stated that the repeated attacks by the Israeli army and the Palestinian Security forces of the Fatah party are desperate attempts to blackmail the legislators and Hamas leaders.

The Bloc said that the “terrorist attacks of the Zionist army will not disable the Legislative Council, and will not stop the legislators from performing their duties”.