The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reported that more Palestinian detainees, imprisoned at the Ramon Israeli prison, are joining the Hebrew Open University. The detainees are also holding seminars and educational sessions.The PPS stated that nearly 100 detainees are currently studying at the open university while three detainees managed to obtain masters degrees despite harsh conditions and ongoing violations by the army.

The PPS added 56 additional detainees participated in different courses and seminars held in the prison in the last two months. The seminars are political and education in nature.

Jamal Rajoub, representative of the detainees in Ramon prison, stated that detained leaders are encouraging the detainees to read, and to join the open university.

Last month, the detainees held four seminars aiming at increasing awareness among the detainees.

There are several detainees who have received higher degrees, including doctorate degrees, while imprisoned by Israel.

The PPS stated that there are nearly 8500 detainees imprisoned by Israel in several detention and interrogation centers.