The Arab Physicians Union’s Committee of Relief and Emergency in Egypt stated Saturday that a convoy filled with medical aid, estimated by 2.5 Million USD, made it into the besieged Gaza Strip.The aid consists of medicine for cancer and heart patients, 20.000 meters of cloth for surgeries, blood, spare parts for incubators, and equipment for heart surgeries.

Mohammad Al Majdalawi, administrative director of the relief union, stated that the convoy is part of the ongoing aid provided by the Egyptian people to the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Al Majdalawi added that this convoy is the biggest since Israel’s December 2009 three-week war and aggression on the Gaza Strip, and that another convoy filled with medical aid estimated by 2.5 Million USD will be sent to Gaza soon.

The Gaza Strip is in desperate need for medicine and medical equipment due to the ongoing Israel siege on the coastal region, and the repeated Israeli invasions and attacks.