Palestinian and British sources confirmed that a British documentary director was arrested by the Hamas controlled security forces after he arrived at a Gaza court to testify in a law suit filed against a Palestinian gunman accused of collaborating with Israel.Paul Martin was arrested directly after arriving at the court hall, and will be detained for 15 days for interrogation, media sources in Gaza reported.

The Hamas movement accused a Palestinian gunman of revealing secrets that harms the Palestinian security and of collaborating with Israel.

Martin previously interviewed the gunman, and arrived at the court stating that he has “evidence that the defendant fought against Israel”, and that he is not a collaborator.

Marin is currently detained at a prison in central Gaza, local sources reported.

Israeli and Palestinian media sources stated that a spokesperson of the Abu al-Resh Brigades, an off-shoot of Fatah movement, said that Martin is facing charges of violating Palestinian Law, and of harming the internal security.

The British Consulate in Jerusalem confirmed the arrest ofone mant, but did not mention his name or profession.

Fadi Adeeb, a spokesperson at the British consulate, said that the consulate is investigating the issue, and will deal with it on the political level.