The Hamas-dominated Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) reported that 26 Arab Parliamentarians from different countries will visit, Monday, to express solidarity with the residents of the war-torn & impoverished region. The PLC issued a press released stating that Dr. Ahmad Bahar, deputy-head of the PLC, will head the official Palestinian parliamentary group in welcoming the visiting Arab officials.

They are expected to cross the Rafah Border Terminal, in southern Gaza, on Monday midday.

Bahar stated that the PLC will be holding a joint press conference with the visiting Arab parliamentarians, before they start their two-day tour.

They will visit areas in Gaza ravaged by the Israeli military and hold meetings with representatives from different Palestinian factions, civil society institutions, and parents of Palestinian detainees imprisoned by Israel.

The visiting officials will also meet bereaved families, the bombarded Islamic University, and several areas and facilities targeted by the Israeli army during the war.

PLC described the visit as historic and added that this visit pushes towards ending the Israeli siege, and that it is essential for supporting the Palestinians and their just cause and aspirations for liberty and independence.