A group of Arab parliamentarians managed to cross into the Gaza Strip on Monday in a visit of solidarity with the Palestinian people living in the besieged, war-torn, and devastated coastal region. The 25 visiting officials are headed by Dr. Salem Al Ka’by, from Oman, member of the Executive Committee of the Arab Parliamentary Union.

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, deputy head of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza, Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar, and several government officials received the visiting delegates and thanked them for their visit that challenges the Israeli siege.

The officials would start their tour by meeting members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, representatives of different Palestinian factions, civil society institutions and parents of Palestinian detainees.

They will leave Gaza on Wednesday after visiting bereaved families, victims of the Israeli war on Gaza, and victims of the ongoing aggression.

The Palestinian Legislative Council described the visit as historic, and described it is an important step towards ending the siege.

Lebanese parliamentarian, Imad Al Hout, said that this visit aims at sending a message to the people in Gaza that they are not alone, and that Arab nations support the Palestinians and their just cause.