The police department in Dubai released on Monday significant details regarding the cell that carried out the assassination of Qassam Brigades leader, Mahmoud Al Madbouh at a hotel in the United Arab Emirates on January 20.Lieutenant Dahi Khalfan, head of the police department in Dubai, stated that eleven assassins participated on the plot to kill Al Madbouh, and did not void the possibility that they were hired by the Israeli Mossad.

Khalfan added that the killers are two Irish men, two British men, a French man, a German man, an Irish woman and several others, and that they used advanced technology in committing their crime.

Khalfan further stated that Al Madbouh was followed since the moment he landed in Dubai on January 19, 2010, and that the assassins disguised themselves as Tennis players and rented rooms in several hotels.

He added that the assassins killed Al Madbouh by suffocation, and that they waited in his hotel room after they disabled its computerized system.

The police presented pictures showing the movements of the assassins, and added that they left some medications next to the body of Al Madbouh.

One of the persons who planned the assassination left Dubai before the assassination was carried out, and the local police in Dubai demanded the Interpol to apprehend those involved in the assassination and transfer them to Dubai for prosecution.

Furthermore, Khalfan said that two of the suspected assassins are Palestinians, and that the two were apprehended by the authorities in Dubai.

He said that one of the Palestinians is a Lieutenant at the Palestinian Authority, the Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported. The head of the group is a French national, known as Peter.

But Al Jazeera added that the Khalfan did not specify whether this Palestinian Lieutenant is working with the Palestinian Authority, headed by Fateh in the West Bank, or Hamas in Gaza.

The Maan News Agency reported that Lieutenant Adnan Dameery of the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah previously stated that two senior Hamas police officers are involved in the issue.

Al Dameery challenged Hamas to release the names of the two officers who were apprehended by Jordan and were handed to the Authorities in Dubai.
Hamas affiliated website said that the officers are working with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.