This week’s protest in Bi’lin was joined by international and Israeli peace activists, and groups representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine political party and the Freedom Theatre in Jenin.To mark the International Week Against Racism, the demonstration contained 3 men dressed as Martin Luther King, Mohandas Ghandi and Nelson Mandela.

The demonstration kicked off directly after the midday prayers at the local mosque. Once the protesters reached the site of the separation wall, they were fired upon with tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, and rubber coated steel bullets. Local sources report that tear gas canisters were fired directly at journalists covering the event.

Dozens suffered from the effects of tear gas inhalation, but no injuries were reported.

Two weeks ago, the village of Bi’lin marked their 5th year of continued protest against the separation and wall, and following legal action, have succeeded in diversion of the route of the wall, returning 50% of the land previously annexed.