The Israeli authorities decided to allow the import of shoes and clothes into the Gaza Strip by the end of this week. Nasser Al Siraj, assistant-director of the National Economy Ministry in Gaza, stated that Israel approved the entry of shoes and clothes and decided to increase the number of trucks carrying the two products from 6 to 10.

Al Siraj added that he hopes Israel would approve the request to allow the daily entry of 30 trucks, but Israel is rejecting to allow more than ten.

The priority of import of shoes and clothes would be to goods confiscated and embargoed by Israel since 2007.

Shoes and clothes were not allowed into Gaza since two years due to the siege that prevented the entry of basic supplies, food stuffs and even medications and medical equipment.

502 patients, including children, died due to the ongoing Israeli siege as hospitals and medical centers in the Gaza Strip ran out of basic supplies.