Thousands of Arabs and French Nationals held a protest in Paris on Monday at noon and marched in solidarity with Jerusalem chanting slogans against the Israeli violations against the city and its Arab residents, the Arabs48 News Website reported.The protestors also chanted against the violations against the Muslim and Christian Holy sites in Jerusalem, and against the settlements and home demolitions.

Arab member of Knesset, Dr. Jamal Zahalka, participated in the protest along with leaders of the Arab and Palestinian communities in Paris.

The Palestine Students Union also held an event on Monday evening marking Land Day (March 30) and against the Israeli violations in Jerusalem.

Archimandrite Attalla Hanna of the Greek Orthodox Church participated in the event and saluted the protestors and the participants.

He said that the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, will always remain steadfast defending their land and country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Zahalka gave a speech explaining the situation of the Arabs in Israel and the ongoing Israeli violations against them, such as land theft practiced against them by different groups and government agencies, discrimination and home demolition.

He called for increased support to the popular nonviolent resistance against the Israeli violations in Jerusalem, and called on the Palestinian factions in the West Bank and Gaza to end their rifts and achieve unity.

Zahalka further stated that defending Jerusalem is defending the Palestinian people, as “Palestine without Jerusalem is like a body without a soul”.

“Can anybody imagine France without Paris”, he said, “To us, Jerusalem is not less important than Paris, yet Jerusalem has a religious significance not found in Paris”.

All speakers stressed on the importance of Jerusalem to the Palestinian people, and the importance of remaining steadfast against all Israeli violations and aggression.