Dr. Sami Abu Zuhri, media spokesperson of the Hamas movement, held the Egyptian Authorities responsible for the death of four Palestinians who died in a tunnel after Egypt’s Border Police gassed it. Abu Zuhri demanded Egypt to conduct an immediate probe into the issue, and to prosecute those in charge.

Speaking at a press conference in Gaza, Abu Zuhri said that Hamas is following the developments, and strongly denounced Egypt for using gas against the residents.

Besides the four who were gassed to death, two residents are currently in serious conditions.

He added that this is not the first time Egypt uses gas in the tunnels as 45 residents previously died after being gassed in different tunnels, and a total of 145 residents were killed in different accidents and incidents.

The Hamas spokesperson said that the Palestinians need the tunnels, and resorted to them due to the urgent necessity due to the ongoing siege on the Gaza Strip.

He further stated that the solution is not killing the residents, and added that the solution is opening all border terminals.

Abu Zuhri demanded the Arab League to act immediately and end the siege.