A number of political leaders of the Islamic Jihad arrived in Cairo on Wednesday after being invited by the Egyptian Authorities in order to hold talks on Islamic Jihad members who were arrested by Egypt after landing in the country following medical treatment abroad.Sheikh Nafeth Azzam, member of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Jihad, is heading the movement’s delegation to Egypt. He said that the relations with Egypt are strong and added that he is sure this issue will be resolved.

Azzam said that the issue will resolved in a manner that serves the interests of the Palestinian cause and the Arab region.

Furthermore, Daoud Shihab, spokesperson of the Islamic Jihad, said that the movement is interested in correcting its relation with Egypt and wants to release all political prisoners held by Egypt.

Shihab stated that the crisis is painful and does not serve any interest, and confirmed that that the movement is sure it can overcome the obstacles.

Egypt arrested more than 20 Islamic Jihad members at the Cairo International Airport after receiving medical treatment abroad.

Three weeks ago, Egypt released six of the detained Islamic Jihad members who later said that they were tortured in Egyptian prisons.