Four Palestinian youths were wounded by Israeli gunfire near the southern West Bank city of Hebron, according to Palestinian medical sources.Local sources from the town of Beit Ummar reported that Israeli soldiers broke into three homes during a raid. Soldiers also took over the roofs of two additional homes to use as observation positions.

Most of the clashes took place in Qaa’ al-Hara and al-Thaher areas, near to the Karme Tzur illegal settlement.

The soldiers fired rubber-coated bullets and dozens of gas bombs, resulting in four injuries.

The wounded residents were identified as Fadi Sabarna, 20, shot in his arm, Mohammad Abu Maria, 15, shot by two rubber-coated bullets in his arm and leg, Hatem Sabarna, 17, hit by a rubber-coated bullet in his arm, and Yousef Ahmad Abu Maria, 17, who lost consciousness after inhaling gas.