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Welcome to Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media Centre, for Tuesday June 8, 2010.

French group files law suit against Israel over the flotilla attack, and Egypt prevents 9 parliamentarians from entering the besieged coastal region, these stories and more are coming up, stay tuned.

A French lawyer, Lillian Glock, has filed two lawsuits against the State of Israel on grounds of kidnapping and detention without reason.

Glock, who works on behalf of the Committee of Charity and Relief for Palestinians, a French charity, has filed one suit in Marseille and another in Ivory, the Palestine Telegraph reports.

The six people who run the charity were aboard last weeks Freedom Flotilla, and are bringing the suit due to Israel’s use violence and force in hijacking the flotilla, and the subsequent abduction from international waters to Israel.

The Egyptian Authorities stopped nine Egyptian Legislators at the Rafah Terminal who were trying to deliver construction supplies to Gaza. In Sinai, Egyptian Authorities confiscated four trucks filled with cement and construction materials heading to Gaza.

Hazim Farouq, head of the Egyptian delegation, said that the authorities seized the trucks that were filled with cement and construction materials, and revoked the license cards of the drivers after threatening to arrest them when they were 20 kilometres away from the Gaza Strip.

The Egyptian Authorities then said that the trucks will not be allowed into Gaza although the Egyptian President ordered the opening of the Rafah Border Terminal until further notice. At least 4200 passengers have went through the terminal in both directions in the past few days.

Meanwhile, a report published by the Legal Centre for Freedom of Movement “Gisha”, indicates that the Gaza Strip needs 4 million tons of concrete, 653 thousand tons of iron and 387 million feet of electrical cables for renovation.

Since 2007, Israel has allowed only 10% of the regular amount and types of goods and materials to enter the Gaza Strip. The report also says that Israel allows some Israeli products to enter the coastal region and prevents basic materials that would allow the Gaza residents to produce the same products, which leaves many of Gaza factories closed, while Israel economy benefits from the siege.

In the meantime, Israeli troops kidnapped at least 15 Palestinians form different parts of the West Bank. The Palestinian News Agency, (WAFA) reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped civilians from Bethlehem, Hebron, Nablus and Ramallah.

Israeli soldiers also detained another on the checkpoint between Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Mohammad Talahma was taken from the ambulance as he was accompanying his ill mother to the hospital. Reasons for his detention remain unknown.

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