Israeli soldiers attacked several Palestinian detainees after raiding their cells in section 4 and 5 of the Majido prison. The army said that the soldiers were searching for a mobile phone reportedly in possession of the detainees. The attack was carried out at midnight on July 5, and led to clashes with the detainees when they were attacked by soldiers of the Nahshon and Alimar brigades, the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees reported.

The soldiers attacked the detainees with clubs and fired gas bombs at them before forcing them out of their cells; several detainees suffered from the effects of tear gas used by the army while others suffered concussions and bruises.

The Ministry said that Israel escalated its attacks against the detainees, and
repeatedly raided their cells. The attacks are often carried out after midnight.

Detainee Mousa Khouly, from Tulkarem and imprisoned at the Shatta prison, stated that the night attacks are carried out by units that belong to the Israeli Prison Administration, and are usually followed by a number of measures including barring visitations, placing some detainees in solitary confinement, and preventing the detainees from receiving education.

Detainee Hani Yousef Abu al-Siba’, imprisoned at the Ofer prison, said that soldiers previously raided and searched section 13, and barred the detainees from their visitation rights for a month.

He added that the soldiers used military dogs while searching the detainees and their cells.

One of the wounded detainees, Nidal Souman, was cuffed and shackled before he was placed in solitary confinement.

Furthermore, soldiers raided a room al-Damoun prison where 15 female detainees are imprisoned, and forced them to undress under the pretext of searching them. Some of the detained women were forced into solitary confinement while other were denied visitation rights.

Detainee Wafa’ al-Bis from Gaza stated that soldiers broke into the detainees’ cells, and forced them out before strip-searching them and forcing them on the ground. The search lasted for four hours.

Detainee Amna Mona stated that the attack was against their cells was carried out without a prior warning, and that the soldiers sabotaged the belongings of the detainees before searching their clothes and possessions.