Members of the Neturei Karta religious Jewish organization that opposes Zionism visited the protest tent of Palestinian legislators from Jerusalem to show solidarity and express rejection to Israel’s intention to expel them from the city. The movement supports the legitimate rights of the Palestinians and came to show solidarity with the elected Palestinian legislators while Israel is threatening to force them out of their city, Jerusalem.

The protest tent is located at the Red Cross headquarters in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Neturei Karta members were welcomed by the Jerusalem legislators, and by members of the National Committee Against Deportation.

Neturei Karta members carried signs written in different languages expressing support to the Palestinian people and opposing the occupation.

A spokesperson of the group said that they came to the tent to express full solidarity with the elected legislators and the Palestinian people, and said that what Israel is doing is illegal and is part of a Zionist agenda.

He said that Neturei Karta supports the elected legislators and the Palestinian people, and that they consider themselves part of the Palestinian nation as they do not recognize Israel.

The Jerusalem legislators welcomed the visiting delegates, thanked their support, and discussed different issues regarding the situation in Jerusalem.

Neturei Karta believes that Israel is an illegitimate state because they believe only the coming of the Messiah can bring about the state of Israel, and that Israel cannot be created by human using force.