Depending on a future court ruling, city leadership would have a way to take properties belonging to individuals who moved to ‘enemy states’ or the Palestinian territories.The Attorney General told the court that the state intends to use a law on abandoned properties on properties in East Jerusalem. This would allow them to ‘legally’ steal land worth an enormous amount of money.

This land grab would apply to the properties of people that moved to so called enemy states after the 1948 war, and the properties of people who now reside in the occupied Palestinian Territories. If the court rules in the state’s favor, widespread protest is expected among Palestinians and the international community.

This ‘legal’ attack on Palestinians rightfully owned land comes as another case is under the consideration of the court. Four West Bank residents are appealing to the court for lands which the government of Israel has taken from them. The lands are appraised at around $10 billion. If the West Bank residents win, the state of Israel will have to return the land or pay compensation.

Previous attorney generals for the state of Israel have written opinions against the very thing the current attorney general is attempting to do.