The United Nations Human Rights Council appointed a team to probe the deadly Israeli attack against the Freedom Flotilla on May 31, which claimed the lives of 9 passengers and wounded dozens.President of the UNHRC, Sihasak Phuangketkeow of Thailand, appointed three international experts to serve on a fact-finding mission, which was charged with investigating allegations of Israeli violations of international law when it forcefully boarded six humanitarian aid ships in international waters, en-route to the Gaza Strip.

Phuangketkeow told a news conference following the appointment, “The expertise, independence and impartiality of the members of the mission will be devoted to clarifying the events which took place that day and their legality.”

According to the organizers of the flotilla, the boats were going to Gaza to deliver much needed supplies to the besieged population of the Gaza Strip. Israel on the other hand claims it has the right to protect its boarders by not allowing the boats to enter its waters.

The UNHRC called for the formation of a mission on 2 June, 2 days after the Israeli attack on the aid convoy, however, the actual formation of the mission has been delayed until Friday.

The Gaza Strip has been under siege since June of 2006, and was tightened after Palestinian armed resistance group captured the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit near Karm Abu Salem in the southern Gaza Strip.