Villagers of the central West Bank village of Bil’in, along with their international and Israeli supporters, protested the Israeli wall on Friday.Around 100 protesters marched from the village after the midday prayers and headed towards the gate of the wall separating villagers from their lands. Attending the protest was Louisa Morgantini, ex-EU parliamentarian.

As soon as protesters reached the gate of the wall troops stationed there used tear gas and sound bombs to stop the march. Troops injured an Israeli activist in the head with a tear gas bomb. Soldiers also detained Morgantini and three others.

Protesters refused to leave until the military released all detainees. Bil’in has been organizing protests against the wall for the past six years.

Last year the Israeli court ruled in favor of Bil’in villagers and ordered the military to reroute the wall there; the army refused and continue to attack the weekly nonviolent protests.