Egyptian security sources stated that the Egyptian Security Forces managed to locate 10 tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip in the Rafah border area; the Egyptian Authorities also located large amounts of cement in the tunnels. The tunnels were located near border area #4 in the Salah ad-Din area. The Egyptian border police located cement in the tunnels while the smugglers managed to escape before the security forces arrived at the scene.

The Egyptian Authorities seized all the cement and is preparing to auction it in Cairo.

The Egyptian Border Police also tightened its security measures at the border area with Gaza, especially in areas were tunnels are frequently located.

The newly located 10 tunnels will either be detonated or sealed. The Egyptian Authorities managed to locate a total of 450 siege-busting tunnels since the beginning of this year.

Eleven of the uncovered tunnels were designed to enable smuggling vehicles into the besieged Gaza Strip.