The Arab League has agreed to direct talks, in principle, but would not endorse them over Abbas’s judgment and without clear guidelines for their progression.Thursday, the Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim said that the Arab League would not oppose direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians as long as it was the move Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas chose.

Jassim, whose nation heads the committee on the peace process, also expressed deep suspicion at Israel’s true commitment to the peace process and direct talks.

The League, in a letter to President Obama, said that any future negotiations will require a firm timeline, specific reference terms, and a monitoring mechanism.

In Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, met with Spain’s Foreign Minister on Wednesday.

At a press conference he expressed that the current Israeli government cannot agree to another settlement freeze. He stated in no uncertain terms that Israel’s current coalition government would collapse under the political weight of a concession such as that.