The Israeli Jihad Movement expressed its rejection to direct talks with the Israeli occupation and said that it will not accept the outcome of Palestinian Israeli talks. Khaled al-Batsh, a political leader of the Islamic Jihad, stated during a protest held on Friday evening in Dir al-Balah in central Gaza, that Arab Foreign Ministers are to be held responsible for their decision to authorize direct talks with Israel.

Al-Batsh demanded President Mahmoud Abbas to renew internal talks and reconciliation file in order to achieve unity, and to reject direct talks with the government of Benjamin Netanyahu.

He said that holding talks with Israel will give it more chances to commit crimes against the Palestinian people.

He also demanded the Arab League to act for the protection of the Palestinians, and to help the Palestinian factions achieve unity.

Furthermore, Khader Habib, another political leader of the Islamic Jihad, slammed the Arab decision to allow the Palestinian Authority to hold direct talks with Israel.

Habib described the decision as unfortunate, and added that this decision shows the weakness of Arab regimes.

“The enemy does not want negotiations that lead to peace,” he said. “Israel wants talks as a cover-up for its crimes against the Palestinian people”.

Habib further stated that this decision also came to please the United states, and that it does not serve the interests of the Palestinians and their cause.