Two men have been killed in an Israeli airstrike on the southern part of the Gaza Strip, Saturday night. The assault was focused on the smuggling tunnels between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, and injured three others.The smuggling tunnels are a vital life line for the area due to the military siege of the Strip, imposed by the state of Israel since June 2007. The siege restricts products allowed into Gaza, including healthy food and concrete needed to rebuild Gaza’s damaged infrastructure following Operation Cast Lead.

The Israeli military stated that the attack came in response to attacks, including one rocket fired from the coastal enclave earlier in the day; an attack that was claimed by the Popular Resistance Committee.

Furthermore, four Israelis were killed, and two injured, in two attacks earlier in the week

The Popular Resistance Committee are a coalition of armed groups, based in the Gaza Strip, who have claimed responsibility for numerous attacks against Israel, since their inception in 2000.