The Free Gaza Movement reported that its supporters in the United States have decided to organize sending an aide plane to the Gaza Strip in order to deliver humanitarian supplies and challenge Israel’s illegal siege on the coastal region. Dr. Paul Larudee, co-founder of the Free Gaza Movement a San Francisco Bay Area activist in the United States, told the Maan News Agency that the plan is to send an aide plane to Gaza to challenge Israel’s blockade by air.

He added that the Authorities in the Gaza Strip support the idea and are working on a landing site for the plane that will likely have to use Israeli or Egyptian airspace.

Dr. Larudee added that the plane will not be able to land at the Yasser Arafat International Airport as it was repeatedly shelled and bulldozed by Israel.

He also said that the movement is seeking a plane that has the capability to land and fly in and from areas that lack the required facilities.

The movement is seeking to send a small plane in the spring of 2011. It stated that the effort poses no threat Israel or Egypt as it is a humanitarian mission.