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Welcome to Palestine Today, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for Wednesday September, 15, 2010.

One killed in an Israeli airstrike in Rafah, and Jewish fundamentalists discrete the Qur’an, the Holy Book of Muslims, these stories and more, coming up, stay tuned.

Israeli aircraft bombed a tunnel under the Gaza Strip’s border with Egypt on Wednesday, killing a Palestinian, Israeli media sources reported.

Witnesses said the Israeli air strike killed a tunnel worker and wounded two other people in the southern Gaza Strip city of Rafah. The Israeli army confirmed the attack.

On Tuesday evening, Five Palestinians were wounded, two seriously, after the Israeli army fired artillery shells into an area near Gaza city, Palestinian medical sources reported.

The Israeli army claimed that Palestinian fighters fired an anti-tank rocket at soldiers operating near the border fence.

Brigadier General of the Israeli army Eyal Eisenberg held the Hamas movement responsible for the escalation saying that “Hamas controls Gaza and is responsible for anything that takes place there”.

Also on Tuesday, Israeli soldiers opened fire at Palestinian protestors near the Erez terminal, north of Gaza but no injuries were reported.

In related news, a number of military vehicles invaded Juhr Ed Deek area in Gaza city and bulldozed farmlands.

The army also fired artillery shells at a junk-yard in Al Zeitoun neighbourhood in Gaza city; causing damage to the property but no injuries.

A report published Wednesday by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, indicates that a military probe into the killing of three shepherds on Sunday by the Israeli military were not fighters. The report says that they were fired at, because it was thought that they were aiming rockets at Israel.

The dead were a 91-year-old man, his 17-year-old grandson and a man aged 21.

In the West Bank, a group of fundamentalist Jews tore copies of the Muslim holy Quran in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem, and deliberately stepped on them.

The Ma’an News Agency reported that resident Mohammad Moneer, a Bethlehem University student from Wadi Al Joz in East Jerusalem found pages of the Quran in Jaffa street, and saw dozens of fundamentalists stepping on them.

Moneer added that as he was collecting the pages from the street a number of fundamentalist started insulting him and one settler kicked him”.

Apparently the U.S. Reverend who, after tremendous pressure, stopped his plan to burn the Quran, has an effect in Israel.

In the other news Britain’s biggest trade union federation voted on Tuesday to continue its boycott of Israeli goods and services from West Bank settlements.

The Trade Union Council said in its report of the 14th annual congress held in Manchester 13 – 16 September, that the union has worked with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the UK to promote the boycott and have published and distributed material calling the British people to boycott products of the Israeli settlements.

The TUC appealed to all major UK supermarkets not to stock settlement goods, a call that apparently was met positively by the supermarkets.

That concludes our news for today, thank you for joining us from occupied Bethlehem, you have been listening to Palestine Today from the International Middle East Media Center. For constant updates, please visit our website at, this report has been brought to you by, Hussam Qassis and George Rishmawi.