The Israeli military used tear gas canisters to desperse nonviolent activists from protesting against the construction of annexation wall in both villages, Ni’lin near Ramallah and al-Ma’asara near Bethlehem.In the village of Nil’in two villagers were injured by rubber-coated steel bullets fire by Israeli troops during the weekly anti wall protest there on Friday. Israeli and international supporters joined this week’s action in Nil’in.

Protesters carried the Qur’an, holy book of the Muslims in the demonstration to condemn the intentions of the U.S. pastor Terry Jones who was planning a public burn of the Qur’an. Jones backed of after pressure from a number of groups and individuals, including the U.S. President Brack Obama.

Also on Friday Israeli soldiers used tear gas to suppress an anti wall protest in the village of Al Ma’ssara near Bethlehem in southern West Bank. Villagers along with international and Israeli protesters marched after the midday prayers and headed towards the construction site of the wall on villagers lands.

Soldiers stopped the protesters at the entrance of the village and used tear gas to force people back. A number of protesters were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation.