Two journalists were wounded and dozens suffered effects of tear gas inhalation during the weekly non-violent demonstration in the village of Bil’in on Friday.This week’s action was dedicated to the olive harvest season, and the residents of Bil’in were joined by international and Israeli supporters.

Protestors waved Palestinian flags and pictures of the non-violent activists held in Israeli jails, and went through the village carrying ladders and tools needed to harvest olives and chanting slogans calling for the end of the occupation and the release of the 8,000 Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails.

As soon as the marchers arrived near the wall, they were surprised by Israeli soldiers hiding behind the concrete blocks near the fence. The troops ambushed the protesters and fired tear gas bombs and rubber-coated steel bullets, wounding dozens including two journalists.

The two were identified as Haron Amayra 25, reporter of Palestine TV and photojournalist Abbas Omani, 36.