On Monday, the Israeli army arrested five citizens from the Hebron area and invaded several other areas in the same region.Security sources reported that Israeli soldiers arrested Iyad al-‘Alama, 23, from the village of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron. Al-‘Alama is a student at Palestine Polytechnic University and a member in the National Committee Against the Wall and Settlements.

Al-‘Alama’s family reported that their son has an electrical device in his heart and they are worried that he might suffer serious complications from the arrest which will affect his entire life.

The Israeli army also arrested citizen Osama Faqusa after the invasion of Karza village near Hebron.

Security sources added that Israeli troops invaded the town of Sa’er, northeast of Hebron, and arrested three citizens.The citizens were identified as Nezar al-‘Arameen; Raed Jaradat and Jehad al-Mator.

In related news, a large number of Israeli soldiers along with an ambulance invaded the town of Beit ‘Awa, southwest of Hebron, and a number of Israeli patrols stood at the entrance of Beit Kahel, north of Hebron.