Israeli settlers desecrated a number of graves near Kufr Qaddoum village, in the northern West Bank district of Nablus, and wrote graffiti on the walls of a number of Palestinian homes. Local sources reported that the settlers wrote “Revenge, from Hilltop Youth”, “Sell your homes and leave”, and also drew David’s start on some graves and walls.

The settlers also wrote “Kahane was right” and “Kach Movement”, referring to Mier Kahane the founder of Kach movement that was outlawed and considered a terrorist group by Israel itself.

Resident Ayman Abu Jom’a, stated that the settlers came from Qadumim settlement and wrote graffiti on gravestones and homes in the village, including his own home.

On October 2, a group of fundamentalist settlers attacked a mosque in Beit Fajjar, near Bethlehem, and wrote “Price Tag” and other slogans on its walls.

“Price Tag” is usually used by the settlers to express their intention to “avenge” a certain attack carried out by Palestinian gunmen, but mainly is used as an “act of revenge against the Palestinians every time Israel slows or freezes settlement activities”.

Mier Kahane was an American-Israeli rabbi and ordained Orthodox rabbi, he also served as a member of Knesset before his movement was outlawed and was regarding as a terrorist organization. Current Israeli Foreign Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, was a member of the group.

Similar to Kahane, Lieberman repeatedly called for removing all Arabs and Palestinians out of the country, and considered them a “strategic threat” to the existence of Israel.