On monday morning, Israeli soldiers burned and tore up the holy Quran during the invasion of the town of Jayyus, east of Qalqilya. They, kidnapped three Palestinians, two of whom work in the institutions of the Palestinian Authority.Linda, daughter of abducted Ismael Beda, reported to a Ma’an News Agency correspondent that Israeli soldiers broke into the family’s house at 1:00 pm and abducted her father in front of her eyes and searched the contents of the house.

Linda, 11, said she was terrified as she watched Israeli soldiers break into their home and blindfold her father.

She added that Israeli troops stole the holy Qura’n from their house, then burned it and she started to collect its pages.

The Israeli army also invaded the house of Mahmoud Beda, an assistant in the military police: they ransacked his home, searching for weapons.

His wife added that more than 30 soldiers invaded her house while her husband was working in Jericho. At the time, she was alone with her four-year-old daughter, Rama, and two-year-old son, Karam.

She added that when she told Israeli soldiers that her husband was in Jericho, they shouted at her, telling her that she is a liar because her husband is with them in the patrol. They pointed weapons at her, and she called her husband to confirm that he, indeed, was still in jericho.

In a related news, the Israeli army kidnapped Wajdi Beda, 30, and Khalid Salem, 31, taking them to an undisclosed location.